Cedar Point Park Association

On Geneva Lake – Williams Bay, Wisconsin
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  Cedar Point Park Association•P.O. Box 490•Williams Bay, WI 53191

                                     Telephone: 262-245-5996

Monthly Board Meetings: First Saturdays – April thru December

     Begin at 8:30 Sharp   All Members Are Encouraged to Attend – Monthly Agenda Link

            CPPA Utility Building – 50 Humboldt Parkway (Corner of Jackson)

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August 31st

(Penalties Assessed after Oct. !0)

2018 Association Dues

& 2018 Marine Fees Due

Lifts Required in New Slips and Half Slips

In order to prevent further damage to our slip piers, all boats moored in newly assigned slips or half slips must be placed on a lift. Lifts from slips in Park 1, must be stored off Cedar Point property.

Highlights of New Leaf Burning Ordinance, which effectively eliminates leaf burning in Cedar Point Park

1. Burning must be in a structure, such as a barrel, fire ring, or fire pit.
2. Burning must be 25 feet away from your house and 100 feet away from neighbors house.
3. Burning is only allowed from October 1 through November 30, during daylight hours, when wind does not exceed 10 MPH.  Link to Full Ordinance

Lift Requirement Postponed for Existing Slips and Half Slips

The requirement that all boats moored in existing slips or half slips must be placed on a lift is postponed for the 2017 boating season.  However, boats in newly assigned slips or half slips must be placed on a lift.

Donate a Parkway Tree

As part of our ongoing Reforestation effort, members have the opportunity  to a purchase memorial hardwood tree.  Cost is approximately $1,200. Please contact Dan Martin 226martin@charter.net

August 31st

(Penalties Assessed after Oct. !0)

May 15th

May 31st

July 4th

Marine Registration Form Due

with Copy of DNR Registration

All Ramps & Hoists

Off Parkways

All Boats MUST Be On Buoys

& In Hoists & Slips

Transmit Forms Real Estate Closing Info.

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